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Motorcycle Brand List in BD

Motorcycle or Bike Price in Bangladesh & Our Cherished Dream

Welcome to New Bike BD! Before buying a bike or motorcycle most people do not have enough time to collect detailed information about the motorcycle showroom, and to analyze all the models, and all the brands. Which is why most of the time buyers don’t know which model or brand is right for them. NewBikeBD.com makes the work of the buyer much easier in this case.

Here we have mentioned the details of the brands or products of such motorcycles that are found in Bangladesh. We have mentioned the summary along with the price. All brands can have the same class of motorcycles or bikes. However, the features of their motorbikes can be compared more or less with several brands. So a motorcycle lover or motorcycle buyer can easily compare the same type of motorbike with different classes. It will be decided which model is suitable for them.

Compared to other countries, the main obstacle to the use of motorcycles in Bangladesh is its price. The price of motorcycles or bikes in Bangladesh is much higher than our neighbors Pakistan and India. And the main reason is the government tax. This reduces the price of motorcycles from 10 to 20 thousand. But according to researchers, this is not enough for the proper spread of the bike. The price of bikes or motorcycles in Bangladesh is beyond the purchasing power of the common man. We have given here the price details of each bike or motorcycle in Bangladesh, which are available in the market of Bangladesh.

Safely Drive & Bike Price in Bangladesh;

Like other countries in the world, the people and livelihood of Bangladesh are improving as well as the expected changes in the transport sector. The use of motorcycles is increasing day by day due to the development of roads in this country, lack of adequate public transport, and traffic congestion in urban areas.

Moreover, motorcycle riding is also a fashion, and the demand for motorcycles is increasing due to the improvement in people’s income. It has become very important from students to businessmen or any other employer in the country. Many domestic motorbike manufacturing companies have been set up to meet the constant demand. And on the other hand many businesses that import foreign quality bikes. And sells in the local market. On the other hand, there are establishments in Bangladesh which are the sales representatives of the top foreign bike or motorcycle companies.

Bike brands;

At present about 30 domestic and foreign bike brands are selling their motorbikes in Bangladesh. Each brand is moving forward with different policies and benefits. For example, Honda and Yamaha are doing business in Bangladesh with their Sports & Standard type motorcycles. ACI Limited is Yamaha’s trending partner in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, local motorcycle manufacturers like Runner and Walton are not far behind. They are also moving forward in equal proportions at the present time. They also have significant success in making standard type motorcycles or bikes.

But the general buyers of Bangladesh do not understand exactly which motorcycle or bike brand or model of which brand will be suitable for them. We have discussed the details of motorcycle brands here and the models of all the brands available in Bangladesh. and we have mentioned bike price in bd or bike price in Bangladesh. Which will help a new buyer to choose the right motorbike or motorcycle or bike and make the right decision.


In 2015, 200,000 motorcycle bikes were sold in the country. Which was 1,81,000 in the previous year. This means that the sales percentage of bikes or motorcycles has increased by 33 percent compared to last year. At present 2 million motorcycles are sold in Bangladesh every year. Financially, the market size is around 3 thousand crore taka. The market share of 125 to 135 cc motorcycles is 17 percent. Then about 33 percent of the 150cc motorbike market. On the other hand, the market share of 110cc motorbikes is about 50 percent. Which is very promising.

However, despite the increase in bike sales, the use of motorcycles in Bangladesh is much less than in neighboring countries like Pakistan and India. However, according to statistics, its use will increase significantly in Bangladesh as well.


The number of road accidents is not less in Bangladesh. 12000 road accidents happen every year. And 35 thousand people in Bangladesh have been injured in road accidents.

A significant number of these motorcycle accidents. Of the total 49 road accidents, 720p is motorcycle accidents, which appeared in 2017. However, we have mentioned here the awareness about safety motorcycle riding. One of our main objectives is to reduce road accidents in Bangladesh to some extent.

It can be seen that the number of motorcycle or bike accidents is increasing every year. In most cases, when the rider is not aware of his personal safety. But when the rider is aware of his personal safety, the amount of road accidents is greatly reduced. NewBikeBD is committed to reducing bike or motorcycle accidents. NewbikeBD is re-checking and got the 7 golden bike safety riding tips. Read more..

The demand for bikes or motorcycles is increasing day by day in Bangladesh as well as in the neighboring countries. Many well-known, famous and non-famous foreign, and domestic motorcycle or bike brands have started their business. The area has European and Japanese bike brands as well as various brands of Indian, Chinese, and local motorcycles. And motorcycle brands are doing business in Bangladesh following certain government rules.

Here we have mentioned Dirt bikes, Sports bikes, Popular bikes, & Fuel-efficient bikes. So Check the menu below to find the brand you like.

Riding a bike or a motorcycle on the one hand is a very enjoyable, fashionable and adventurous job, on the other hand it has many risks along the way. According to road and highway experts in Bangladesh, the rate of motorcycle accidents on the road is 30 percent higher than other vehicles. And the main reasons for this are bikers riding at excessive speeds, incompetent drivers and indifference to personal safety, enforcing traffic laws. See our analysis and advice on the personal safety of bikes and bikers. Read More..

The concept of Motorcycle Freelancing or Ride Sharing is not old. It is a new concept worldwide that has brought a new momentum to the movement of passengers. In a populous country, this is a blessing in disguise, where the unemployed, employees and even students are able to earn money through their Ride Sharing. How does a biker share his ride? Detailed discussion on which company’s application to use and how much money can be earned per month. Read More..

ABS braking system is also used in motorcycles. ABS, the anti-lock braking system, prevents the wheels of a powered two-wheeler from being locked during braking. On this page, we have mentioned ABS braking system bikes in Bangladesh. View Details

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