Keeway Motorcycle has been one of the most selling motorcycle companies in Bangladesh for some years now. Below we have mentioned All the Keeway bike or motorcycle latest prices in BD 2023, recent images, & quick specifications, which Keeway’s bike models are available here in the Bangladesh market.

Engine : 165 cc

Top Speed : 120 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 38 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 150 cc

Top Speed : 134 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 45 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 150 cc

Top Speed : 110 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 36 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 150 cc

Top Speed : 95 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 45 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 150 cc

Top Speed : 115 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 48 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 165 cc

Top Speed : 120 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 38 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 100 cc

Top Speed : 100 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 55 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 125 cc

Top Speed : 85 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 50 kmpl(Combined)

The Keeway brand is a part of the Chinese company Qianjiang Motor Group. Qianjiang Motors of China, which is a manufacturer and researcher of motorbikes. Originally, Qianjiang Motor Group had bought mainstream shares of Italian brand Benelli.

Thus, the Keeway brand is now a combination of Italian and Chinese descent. Considering the business technique and brand value, Keeway is more comfortable introducing him as an Italian brand.

Keeway has been in Bangladesh for a long time. Speedoz Limited, a local company, was the first to bring Keeway bikes to Bangladesh. However, under the supervision of Speedoz Limited, Keeway bikes did not grow as expected in the Bangladesh market.

Keeway Bike Price in Bangladesh

Finally, Keeway started business with local company Aftab Automobiles Limited. And, Aftab Automobiles Limited is a part of Navana Group, a prominent company in Bangladesh.

The price of Keeway bike is relatively low in Bangladesh and worldwide. The Keeway brand has some awesome bikes or motorcycles. Which is quite suitable for the market of Bangladesh. Because, from the economic point of view of Bangladesh, Keeway bike is perfect here.

Recently Keeway has launched a remarkable and relatively low priced sports bike. Named “Keeway RKR165”. There are also some world class cruiser bikes of Keeway Brand.

Keeway Bike Price List for BD 2023

Keeway Bike Model Name Engine(CC) Price in BD
Keeway Magnet
100 cc
Keeway RKS 150 Sports CBS
150 cc
Keeway RKV 150 (SD)
150 cc
Keeway Superlight 150 (DD)
150 cc
Keeway RKS 125 (SD)
125 cc
Keeway RKR 165 (DD)
165 cc
Keeway RKS 100 V3 (SD)
100 cc
Keeway K Blade 125 (SD)
124 cc
Keeway K Light 150 (DD)
150 cc

Above We have mentioned on this web page Keeway bike price in Bangladesh, with specifications, a complete list, and recent images.

Aftab Automobiles Ltd. Contact Details:

The Keeway Motorcycle brand started their journey in 1999. Although the main attraction of this brand was the Scooter segments. But, now Keeway has become a multinational brand in the world. Aftab Automobiles Limited is currently the only distributor of Keeway motorcycles in Bangladesh.

Are you interested to know more about Keeway bikes? Any more quire about Keeway bike price or any other related things contacts directly Aftab Automobiles Ltd following the address below.

Aftab Automobiles Ltd (Bangladesh)
Address: Rain Razzak Plaza,
Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Ave, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Imported Brands:Keeway & Mahindra
Cell +88-029552212

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