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Ride Sharing or Motorcycle Freelancing

A great opportunity to earn money in Bangladesh for students, employees, unemployed or people of different professions. In a country plagued by unemployment, this is a great opportunity. Despite the growth in this developing country, employment is not growing as expected. As a result, the number of unemployed is increasing day by day. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the number of working people over the age of 15 in the country is 109.1 million in the last 2016-17 financial year. Of these, the number of unemployed is 26 lakh 70 thousand.

And in the 2015-16 financial year this number was 26 lakh. In this case, it is shown that the number of unemployed has increased to 60 thousand in one year. Unemployment rate is higher among the highly educated. In other words, 11.2% of the total unemployment is highly educated. A large part of them are those who are not getting a suitable job and are not ashamed or embarrassed to do any work as a laborer. Motorcycle prelims or ride sharing has become a blessing for them in Bangladesh.

Before you enter this profession, you need the necessary preparation or equipment;

a. A bike or motorcycle (must be of fair quality, but must be fit).
b. Motorcycle update license.
c. Motorcycle driving license.
d. Personal safety equipment (helmet, safety boots, goggles, appropriate clothing).
e. A very basic basic use of a smart phone and the Internet.
f. Bike safety equipment (good quality lock).
g. Skilled bike riding according to the situation.

Which class of profession is suitable for people:

College or University Student: Many students in Bangladesh have motorcycles, if they have the proper preparation or necessary equipment mentioned above, students can easily earn some money by sharing their part-time rides. Which will contribute to his personal and overall economy of the country.

Employees: There are many job seekers who use motorcycles to travel to their office or for other purposes, they can also share their rides during part time or on the go if they wish. However, in that case, it must be in accordance with the rules.

For those who have no work (unemployed): For those who are still unemployed or have not yet found a suitable job, it is a great blessing. With a little capital, you can start this prestigious profession by using a new or old motorcycle and a smart phone. Suppose you want to start with a new motorcycle, then you have to count 60 thousand to 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees. And if you want to master with a used motorcycle, the cost will be further reduced.

People from different walks of life, people from different walks of life in Bangladesh who use motorcycles regularly, can share their rides if they want, even if only for a short time.

How and with which company to join:

Currently, a significant number of companies in Bangladesh are conducting business based on mobile phone applications, among them Uber, Pathao, Sohoz, Let’s Go, Ezzyr, Bahon, Dako Ride, Dhaka Moto etc. You can start with any of the options mentioned. The registration process of all the companies is almost the same. You have to install the application of the mentioned company and register as a service provider. In this case, some companies check the fitness, license, and other issues of bikes or motorcycles. They only accept passers as their service providers.

Personal security: In the case of motorcycle ride sharing, personal security is often questioned. Is it semi-safe riding? There are various expressions in various quarters about this. There are also rumors of irregularities and unsafe riding. However, leaving all the rumors behind, the government of Bangladesh issued a gazette of the Ridesharing Service Policy on 28 February 2017 and the Cabinet approved the Ridesharing Service Policy on 15 January.

Ride Sharing Policy by Government of Bangladesh (Applicable for Company)
  • The company has to get the registration certificate from Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA).
  • The owner of the app has to have TIN and pay regular VAT. And if it is a company, you have to take the registration of the company from the joint stock.
  • Must have own office.
  • There should be at least 100 vehicles in Dhaka, 50 in Chittagong and 20 in other district cities.
  • Vehicles must have tax payment and route permit update from BRTA.
  • There should be a memorandum of understanding between the owner and the driver.
  • Cars cannot be parked anywhere without a stand.
  • The BRTA website should contain detailed information about the service provider, owner and operator.
  • One lakh rupees along with other fees have to be submitted along with the application for registration. The period of enrollment will be three years. It will have to be renewed later. Renewal fee will be 10 thousand rupees.
  • Complaints can be made against the owner and driver online.
  • A case can be filed under the existing law including cancellation of registration certificate for breach of discipline.
  • These conditions will apply to both motorcycles and motor vehicles.

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