Runner Motorcycle has been one of the most selling motorcycle companies in Bangladesh for some years now . Below we have mentioned All the Runner bike or motorcycle latest prices in BD 2023, recent images, & quick specifications, which Runner’s bike models are available here in the Bangladesh market.

Engine : 150 cc

Top Speed : 130 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 50 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 97 cc

Top Speed : 80 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 55 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 165 cc

Top Speed : 125 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 40 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 100 cc

Top Speed : 100 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 50 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 125 cc

Top Speed : 110 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 55 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 110 cc

Top Speed : 85 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 50 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 85 cc

Top Speed : 90 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 55 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 86 cc

Top Speed : 70 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 55 kmpl(Combined)

Engine : 110 cc

Top Speed : 80 kmph(Approx)

Mileage : 55 kmpl(Combined)

Runner Automobiles is a prominent, trusted, and local trendy brand in Bangladesh. It markets for the production and marketing of motorcycles as well as three wheelers, and four wheelers. Runner Automobiles is exporting the Runner bike abroad to meet the demand of the local market.

At present, the general buyers claim, the runner bike is a local product. And country-made motorcycle brands. Moreover, considering the price of the product, Runner’s position is above all other brands of bikes.

In July 2000, Runner Automobiles Limited was incorporated as a public-regulatory body. As a result, it started commercial operations considering the issue as an importer and trader of 2,000 bikes.

Subsequently, the company was transformed into public trusted in January 2012. And they started commercial ventures to produce and promote motorbikes.

Runner Bike Price in Bangladesh

Runner brand bikes, especially Runner standard bikes, survive quite strongly in competition with Indian and Japanese brand bikes. Several models in the Runner brand are world class. Among them are “Runner Knight Rider” and “Runner Turbo”.

Surprisingly, on the other hand, Runner launched a very cheap bike called RT. However, it is sad to say that the runner motorcycle did not develop as expected by Bangladesh. The main reason is that people compare the Runner motorcycle or bike with the inferior bikes of the Chinese brand.

However, this idea of man is completely wrong. Because, Runner Automobiles is currently in a strong position as a local and reliable bike manufacturer. Now, the company is producing 11 models of motorbikes or motorcycles and marketing them in different countries including Bangladesh.

It is worth mentioning here that there are 10 standard type motorcycles from 80cc to 150cc, and a sports bike. This is a very popular bike than other local brands.Also, despite Runner’s main products being motorcycles, Runner sells small-duty, light-duty, and heavy-duty trucks.

Runner bikes made by Runner Automobiles are generally cheaper, and can be compared to bikes of other brands. In some cases, Runner also has bid installation facility.It is very effective in the case of ordinary working people, including ordinary people. The company is marketing runner bikes in almost all the districts of Bangladesh through its sales representatives.

Runner Bike Price List for BD 2023

Runner Bike Model Name Engine(CC) Price in BD
Runner Kite Plus
110 cc
Runner Cheeta
96 cc
Runner EWave
Runner EWave Voltage
Runner Bolt 165R
165 cc
Runner Knight Rider
150 cc
Runner Turbo 125 (Matt)
124 cc
Runner Knight Rider V2
150 cc
Runner Bike RT
86 cc
Runner kite Plus
110 cc
Runner Scooty 110
110 cc
Runner F-100 6A
97 cc
Runner Royal Plus
109 cc

We have mentioned here in this web page above Runner bike price in Bangladesh, with specifications, a complete list, and recent images.

Runner Automobiles Ltd. Contact Details:

Runner Automobiles has been able to spread the popularity of Runner bikes in the country and abroad by ensuring quality of their products and after-sales service.So,Are you interested to know more about Runner bikes? Any more inquire about runner bike price or any other related things contact directly with runner automobiles Ltd. following address below.

Runner Automobiles Ltd. (Bangladesh)
Address: 138/1, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208
Phone: 09611222000.

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  2. Runner turbo v2 নাগদ মূল্য 118000টাকা, ডাউন পেমেন্ট 30000টাকা জমা হলে 24মাসে মোট আর কতো টাকা জমা করতে হবে?

    • Sir, we have no showroom of our own. So you should contact any runner showroom near you.

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    But ami kisthity Nibo

  5. Ami runner bike rt nite chai .. down pement koto ar koi munth er kisti taka porishod korte hobe …ar showroom location janan plese….

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