Latest & Top 7 Golden Tips for Bike Riding Safety


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Dear riders, welcome to our Bike or Motorcycle Riding Safety School. We are always trying to make our bike or motorcycle riders more aware of their personal safety. And trying to inspire as well. Today we will discuss top 7 Golden tips for bike or motorcycle riding safety. Always put your safety first. Stay safe and keep your family happy. Remember, “a road accident, a lifelong cry”.

It has been observed that accidents involving bikes or motorcycles cause more damage than other vehicles. This is why it is so important for all riders in this sector to be more vigilant about personal safety. Here we have discussed 7 issues of riding a motorcycle through this page.

Top 7 Golden Tips:

1.Riding preparation first: Always check your bike’s brakes, horns, tires, lights, and fuel before starting the ride.Be sure to include your motorcycle registration paper, motor driving license, and helmet companion.

2.Use a helmet: Use a helmet properly. Use the right safety helmet for your proper safety, not for fashion and style.

3.Ride cautiously: Do not compete on the road and do not be aggressive. Drive carefully to your destination. Speed up according to the ability to control the motorcycle.

4.Wear appropriate clothing: Do not use clothes that are too tight or too loose. Such clothes cause unexpected accidents. Clothes should be used that will protect you in case of an unexpected accident.

5.Obey traffic laws: Get a clear idea of local traffic rules. Follow local traffic rules when riding a bike or motorcycle.

6.Be aware of road risks while riding: Sometimes a small obstacle can cause a major accident while riding a bike on the road. So please look ahead. And notice everything on the street, including children’s toys, empty water bottles, pieces of concrete. Be careful even with combustible materials like broken roads. Use a safe braking system at the same time.

7.Use ABS: Use modern technology. Antilock braking system or ABS is being used on bikes or motorcycles in recent times.ABS is a safe and modern braking system. It helps to ride a motorcycle or bike completely safe.

Worldwide, the Asian continent has the highest rate of motorbike riding. But on this continent, there is a lot of destruction caused by accidents due to the personal safety of riding a bike. Most people are not aware of personal safety, especially in countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh when riding bikes or motorcycles. Even then, it is very hopeful that the law enforcement agencies of Bangladesh are quite aware of this. And they are constantly encouraging people to ride safely.

It is worth mentioning here that NewbikeBD has organized many campaigns for safe biking. So I will tell everyone to ride a safe bike, stay safe and keep the family worry free.

আরো অজানা তথ্য পেতে, ওয়েবসাইটের হোমপেজ থেকে ঘুরে আসুন

পাওয়া যায়নি? আপনি যা খুঁজছেন তার জন্য এখানে অনুসন্ধান করুন।

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