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Nowadays, it is not only the fashion to ride a motorcycle or a bike, but it is also an important means of speeding and driving on the busy roads of the city. But you may be surprised that out of 3349 road accidents in 2016, 720 were motorcycle accidents. And every year about 12,000 people are killed and 35,000 injured in road accidents. As a result of these casualties, one family suffered irreparable loss. So some of our tips on safe bike riding.

   1. Use helmets, 75% of bikers are killed because they do not use helmets.
   2. Wear appropriate clothing that is not too tight or too loose, and also wear gloves and boots.
   3. Prepare for the trip, be sure about fuel oil, brakes, headlights, horns and tire air.
   4. Obey traffic laws.
   5. Don’t be aggressive when riding a bike, be defensive.
   6. Use looking glass to see the vehicle behind.
   7. There is no competition along the way.
   8. Concentrate fully on biking.
   9. Do not use mobile on moving bike.
   10. Make sure to use the horn properly.

Following are some important checkups for safe bike riding

a. Check the motorcycle regularly: Every time before you go out with the motorcycle, check that everything is working properly. Properly check the bike chain, brake horn fuel, etc. to make sure that everything is working properly, otherwise any accident could happen at any time. So check the bike regularly for the safety of yourself and your favorite bike.

b. Look at the weather conditions: Motorcycling is not safe in bad weather, it is even more risky in heavy rains because the road becomes slippery. At this time the wheel may slip. A recent study found that about 36% of motorcycle accidents in Bangladesh occur during the rainy season on highways.

c. Wearable clothing: It is not a good idea to wear very short or very loose clothes, as these can be the cause of accidents. You can wear a perforated jacket in winter or a t-shirt in summer with personal safety in mind. It is better to wear jeans and boots.

d. Learn about traffic laws: It is very important. Have a clear idea about traffic laws in Bangladesh. Also know and follow the general rules of driving on the road.

e. Avoid talking on mobile and headphones: Try to focus on driving. Any kind of inattention can be the cause of a fatal accident. Usually turn off the mobile ringtone. Refrain from talking or listening to music on headphones.

f. Keep the necessary documents with the license: When you go out with the bike, you must bring the registration certificate, tax token, fitness certificate, insurance certificate and driving license with you.


g. Don’t forget to take a helmet: Helmets help protect yourself in an accident, so be sure to take your helmet with you before you go out. One study found that 75 percent of motorcycle accidents were caused by a lack of helmets. So make it a habit to wear a helmet regularly.

h. The right companion: Many people are scared from behind while riding a bike, it is better not to take a passenger who will be scared while riding a motorcycle. Because some important times you can’t make a single decision, and it will scare you, it could be an accident.

i. Use of technology: New technology anti-lock braking system has been introduced, initially it was used in some modern bikes but now many bikes have this advantage. Using it makes baking very fast.

j. Take proper precautions when overtaking: Overtaking can be dangerous at any time, overtaking must be considered with utmost caution. Maintain a safe distance, especially when overtaking a bus, truck or car, use the horn properly, use the passlight and take action according to the situation.

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