Bike or Motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicles all over the world and mostly in Bangladesh.To day we will Discuss Bangladeshi Motorcycles or bikes price list with review and latest motorbike & scooter price updates.You will get all updated about any new bike price in bd 2022 by our page.

Bike/Motorcycle /Motorbike & Scooter,Whatever you call it,You will get all available brands of bikes in Bangladeshi/BD showrooms & Specifications with recent image details from every bike page on NewBikeBD.Com.

At First,Just enter the motorcycle or bike brand page like Honda, then you will get all the available Honda Bikes price in BD. Before buying a motorcycle in Bangladesh it will Completely help you.

About Motorcycle/Bike in Bangladesh & Bike price in BD

As I said before, Motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicles all over the world and mostly in Bangladesh.Day by day the horror of traffic is increasing all over our country, especially inside the city. Motorcycles are of immense importance in meeting the demand of Bangladeshi people for vehicles as there is no alternative to motorcycles or bikes as a means of transportation to get from one place to another within the stipulated time.

On these webpage, we are presenting you the Bangladeshi bike Prices with all the detailed information and latest updates.

At the moment, the top motorcycle companies in Bangladesh

Buying a motorcycle is not a very common thing.There are Mmany important tips on buying a new bike on our website.but each and every motorcycle buying suggestion starts with one word, Price.Actually Price is the first and most important concern for most of us when it comes to buying a motorcycle.

Always Finding the latest and accurate motorcycle price in Bangladesh could be a bit challenging, because the price is not a constant variable and the prices of a motorcycle is always changing.

So, we Sincerely tried to show you all bike price in Bangladesh 2022 in one single page, all sorted out by the brands. This sorting will help you find your desired Motorcycle/bike or bike brands quickly, You can also find the latest price in the fastest way as soon as possible.

We should know the motorcycle market is always changing. There are always New bikes coming into the market, and also getting discontinued. In the list of Bangladeshi Motorcycle 2022, we are about to discuss some of the major bike brands in Bangladesh, and also about all Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh 2022.Sometimes people also question that,What is all bike BD price/what is bike price in bd?

Considering these questions we have mentioned below a general Bike price list in bangladesh.

Model                                                                        Price in BD (BDT)

Pulsar NS 160                                                                        BDT=182,500/-
Pulsar NS 160 (Carb+ABS)                                                  BDT=189,500/-
Pulsar 150 Twin Disc                                                            BDT=176,900/

Being a person of different opinions, sometimes someone asks that, Which bike is best under 2.5 lakh in Bangladesh?

To answer these questions, we have presented to you a short price list of bikes:-


Model                                                                           Price in BD

Keeway RKR 165                                                                  BDT=2,15,000
Lifan KPR 165R(EFI)                                                           BDT=2,10,000
Speeder Countryman                                                             BDT=2,19,500
Bajaj Avenger 160 (ABS)                                                     BDT=2,03,500

Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh 2021 Right Now.

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL)was started in Bangladesh on 04-Dec-2012 as a private limited company and joint venture with Honda Motor Company Limited, which signed on 27-Sep-2012. This BHL company incorporates in a single industry segment in Bangladesh under a joined venture agreement between Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation (State Own) Under the Ministry of Industry, Bangladesh and Honda Motor Company Limited.

In Bangladesh the company started to manufacturing and assembling of motorcycles, scooters, motor vehicles, and its distribution, marketing, sales, promotion as well as maintenance service of the “Honda” brand under the same joined venture argument.

Bike Price in Bangladesh. Mentioned bike price in bd.

You will be glad to know that,Honda is one of the biggest motorcycle and automotive brands in the whole world, and their journey in Bangladesh is also a really remarkable one (Source).In the whole world Honda has a lineup full of various types of motorcycle.

From one of the most popular bike, Honda XBlade to a naked sports motorcycle Honda CB Hornet 160R, & Honda CBR300R (ABS), and Honda CB150R ExMo:(ABS) is offering all the genres in the play.

On the other hand Honda Bike Price In Bangladesh is not a constant list, as BHL often gives out discount and cashback offers. Bangladesh Honda Private Ltd. has set up their factory in Bangladesh where they already started making motorcycles.

Currently Honda company are producing two models – Honda Livo and Honda Dream Neo (Source). So, with assurance Honda will start producing more models there and the New Honda Bike Price In Bangladesh will be reduced than what it is right now.



Yamaha is one of the most popular but oldest motorcycle companies from Japan (Source). They started their life as a musical instrument company, and eventually started making engines, motorcycles and many more.

Forasmuch as, they were really good at it, they quickly became one of the most popular and sold motorcycle brands around the world.

Although Despite having some commuter options, Yamaha is a premium motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, and Yamaha Bike Price in BD reflects this claim.

Yamaha nevel or focuses on bringing the latest technology in their latest models, and Yamaha motorcycles in Bangladesh creates a completely different vibe compared to most other motorcycle brands.

presently Yamaha Bike Price is a little bit too much compared to the competitors, but Yamaha is the fastest to bring in newer models and latest features and the best in class controllings.

So, Yamaha is still one of the top motorcycle brands in Bangladesh to till date.


Suzuki is perhaps one of the very few Japanese motorcycle companies who are maintaining their position in the middle ground (Source).

All Suzuki Bike Price In Bangladesh is reasonable and competitive with most other brands, and they also doesn’t lack the quality control in any way.

New Suzuki Bike Price In Bangladesh moves a lot mainly because the company gives out offers on a regular basis, and these offers surely helps bike enthusiasts to go for their favorite bike.


The large-handed amount of motorcycle sold in Bangladesh are from Indian brands, and the most popular Indian motorcycle brand in Bangladesh is definitely Bajaj Motorcycles (Source).

The Bajaj motorcycle started their journey in Bangladesh a really long time ago, by the hands of Uttara Motors. Latest Bajaj Bike Price In Bangladesh is one of the most popular price list in Bangladesh, mainly because of their product range, and the really widespread of service centers all around the country.

Most of the time the Bajaj Bike Price In Bangladesh moves up and downs, because Bajaj introduces new models in Bangladesh on a regular basis, and they also introduce new versions of their existing models.

Also, the price of Bajaj bikes is often reduced due to the various offers of the company and one interesting thing about the offers of Bajaj motorcycles in Bangladesh is that they offer unique types of offers.

Mostly Bajaj Pulsars are one of the best selling motorcycles in the region, and new models and versions of the Pulsar are being introduced in Bangladesh, a thing everyone wants to know in Bangladesh, and we have here a list of Bajaj line-up motorcycles, not just Pulsars with the latest and updated prices. There are.



Hero is a really popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, and when they started manufacturing bikes in Bangladesh, Hero Bike Price In Bangladesh was in the grasp of everyone! (Source)

Hero has now started production of many bikes / motorcycles in Bangladesh and they have launched more motorcycles in the passenger segment than many of their competitors.

At this moment the popular bike Hero has a huge product line-up, and Price in BD especially the Hero commuter motorcycles price are really the best deal one can find in the market.

It is a thing of pleasure the Hero has already become one of the biggest Indian motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, and they are outgrowing themselves every year.


TVS was a brand whose target customer base was Bangladesh Passenger (Source). However, with the introduction of powerful 150 and 160cc bikes in Bangladesh, they now have a really long range for every type of biker.

Always the TVS Bike Price was reasonable, and day by day they are getting more focused on the market and giving away attractive prices.

The elaboration for TVS Motorcycle in Bangladesh was clearly the introduction of newly 160cc models, and the attractive price of them.

The new and affordable pricing has taken In BD is a position that the competitors are really challenged, and the competition is on.


Runner started its journey back in 2004.Runner Motors Limited is a part of the Runner group.Runner Bikes or Runner Motorcycles is one of the most popular and biggest motorcycle companies in Bangladesh right now.

Runner used to import and distribute motorcycle models from Freedom, Dayang, and more companies. Few years ago, they initiated their factory where they are building motorcycles in Bangladesh and therefore can offer a great price tag in any of their bikes.

Runner Motors Limited does not only manufacture bikes for Bangladesh. They produce high cc motorcycles or bikes like 250 to 400 cc motorcycles and export these to Nepal and a few other countries.

Runner bikes / motorcycles are mostly popular because of the good price and installment system for the money they pay. Runner is one of the first companies to introduce motorcycle installment facility without credit card or so much hassle.

Although they focus on passengers, there are motorbikes in every section of the Runner motorcycle. Their bikes are running in Dhaka city and across the country with good response from the users.


Kawasaki is probably the pioneer of engineering and performance when it comes to motorbikes In the modern world. They only focus on the performance and quality, and this has made them one of the most popular Japanese motorcycle brands all around the world.

In 2018 Kawasaki officially launched their journey in Bangladesh through the hands of Asian Motors Ltd, and they soon opened up their flagship world class showroom.

Kawasaki Bikes in Bangladesh is limited in terms of line-up, but just like the rest of the world, they have introduced performance-oriented motorbikes. Kawasaki has a line-up consisting dual sports bikes, dirt bikes, street dweller, Sports and naked sports available in Bangladesh.

So far Kawasaki motorcycles in Bangladesh has a really limited customer base , because of their price tags mainly. Kawasaki bikes are performance and premium bikes, moreover they are being imported in CBU condition. Therefore, the prices of Kawasaki Motorcycles are a little bit higher.

Now this time the popular brands of Kawasaki is going to bring more motorcycles, along with upcoming models in recent years. Already they are a popular Bike or motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, and hopefully more bikers will become Kawasaki Riders.



The wonderful bike Benelli is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world wide, and they relaunched their journey in Bangladesh in 2018, through the hands of Aftab automobiles.

In 1911 the Benelli started their journey , through the hands of six Italian brothers. They built this company, and produced a lot of great bikes for riders.

Benelli produced great bikes in their home ground in Italy, but in 1988, were on great loss. The company was sold to Biesse group, and the days were a little bit better for Benelli. They started producing scooters, and making different types of bikes, even liter sports bikes.

Benelli became a part of the Chinese QJIANG group In 2005. They have been operating under this Chinese brand to till date, and still maintaining their best quality, fame and projects.

Today Benelli are most popular for their TNT series, especially the TNT 1130, which is the definition of liter street bike.They have the TNT 150 and Benelli 165S, both of which are in the naked sports category In Bangladesh,.


Very comfortable Keeway is a Hungarian motorcycle company which is now under the chinese QJIANG Group. They are really popular in the European countries, and they have a good product line up covering a good number of portion. Although they operate in the small cc displacements, and range from 100 to 250cc bikes, people love their 125cc commuters or entry level sports bikes.

In Bangladesh, Keeway bikes are officially imported by Aftab Automobiles. In this modern time they are bringing over commuter bikes like the cruiser bikes like K-Light, RKS series, sports bike like Keeway RKR and Scooters like K-Blade. They have covered most of the motorcycle segments in Bangladesh, and their grandiose dealer network and good service and good price tags on the bikes made Keeway motorcycles really popular beteween the dependence bikers.



Most demandable Motorcycles Lifan is a part of Lifan Group, which is one of the most popular Chinese automobiles manufacturers in the modern world. They manufacture all sorts of automobiles, especially, great bikes.

In our country, Rasel Industries Ltd. is the official importer of Lifan Motorcycles . They bring various models, among which Lifan KPR is the most popular one.

Lifan KPR was the first Chinese bike in Bangladesh which captured the attention of all the Bikers of Bangladesh. And, with the good build quality and tremendous performance, it quickly became one of the most popular sports bikes for the bikers in Bangladesh.

Lifan has been one of the most popular Chinese motorcycle brands in Bangladesh for their product lineup and service, and other Chinese brands are having a really hard time to catch on.



Vespa is obviously the most popular scooter brand in the world, ever. Vespa scooters used to come in Bangladesh a really, really long time ago, and there was a really big gap when they stopped coming.

Recently, before a year, Vespa scooters were being brought over in Bangladesh by KR Industries, and later on, Runner Automobiles started importing Vespa scooters in Bangladesh.

Vespa is a brand exclusively focusing on scooters. It is a conducive of Piaggio, and the brand was first launched in 1946, at Italy. Vespa always carries the classic Italian tone and style, including with the quality and the build.

At first,Vespa in Bangladesh comes from India and the emerging scooter market in Bangladesh is making Vespa really popular, again.

Even though the most recent models from Vespa carry a nostalgia, especially for elder people, and the modern features and sleek styling makes the scooters attractive to the youth.


World femous Aprilia motorcycle is the world-renowned Italian motorcycle brand, who are focusing only on the performance. Aprilia has 54 world titles, 7 SBK titles, and a lot of performance two-wheelers.

ous Aprilia motorcycle is the world-renowned Italian motorcycle brand, who are focusing only on the performance. Aprilia has 54 world titles, 7 SBK titles, and a lot of performance two-wheelers.

At first Aprilia started its journey by manufacturing scooters in the 60’s. Later on, they evolved into a performance-oriented motorcycle company and launched some of the best sports bikes the world has ever seen.

In our country, Aprilia has a very limited line-up and sales network. Motorcycle World Limited used to bring Aprilia RS4 125 and later on, Aprilia Tuono 125 in Bangladesh. latterly, KR Industries and then Runner brought over Aprilia SR125, and SR150 scooters for the scooter lovers of Bangladesh.

Aprilia SR series of scooters are performance commuters, and they can take on any challenge in the city riding. Aprilia scooters are something new for the scooter enthusiasts of Bangladesh, and People are gently getting fond of it.



At this moment KTM is one of the few motorcycle companies which has quickly emerged to be one of the fastest growing motorcycle companies in the world. KTM has a great and huge line-up of naked sports and dirt bikes, sports, and They are really popular among bikers of these segments.

Actually KTM has only three models in Bangladesh – Two variant of RC125 Duke 125. The European version of Duke 125 is brought over by Motorcycle world Ltd – while the Indian KTM Duke 125and RC125 is imported by Hafsa Mart., Usually KTM bikes in Bangladesh offers the taste of a premium bike in the entry level segment.


10 things to pay attention to when buying a bike in Bangladesh

Here are 10 things we need to pay attention to when buying a bike in Bangladesh: Every young person in Bangladesh dreams of buying a motorcycle considering their desire, environment, population, traffic jams, road conditions and low maintenance costs. The main reason for the interest in bikes at the present time is the traffic jam and the high price of the car.

To a young person the bike is his love and to others it is his asset. Whatever the love or need, most bike owners buy their bikes for 1 to 10 years or more. So proper planning before buying a bike will give you the right bike and the feeling of making your dream come true.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Budget preparation:

Don’t dream of a bike that you can’t buy. Make a budget. My advice is to always keep an extra Rs 5,000. Suppose you buy a bike for 200,000 rupees. Then budget 205,000 rupees, because after buying a bike with 200,000 rupees, you have to buy theft alarm system, cosmetics care items, cover, rain cloth, helmet, etc.

2. Make a short list of bikes that can be bought within your budget

Make a short list of bikes that can be found in Bangladesh according to your budget. If the list is long, then shorten it to your liking. Do not like the beautiful look of a bike.

3. Take the advice of someone who has a bike:

Look around, your friends, relatives, neighbors can have a bike. A bike owner will always tell you the real experience about the bike. Ask them about your desired bike. If someone owns a bike that was on your short list, go to them and talk openly about travel experience, spare parts prices, service.

4. Ride the bike of your choice experimentally once

If you want to run a motorcycle experimentally before buying in Bangladesh, you will not get that opportunity to be a showroom. Showrooms in Bangladesh do not have the “test drive” facility. You go to your friends and relatives who have the bike of your choice. A “test drive” will give you the right feeling of riding a bike and it will also help you shorten the list of preferred bikes. One thing to keep in mind, a trip can change your decision.

5. Will I give a discount on mileage?

The answer to this question will depend on the use of the bike and the age of the user. If you are an amateur driver then don’t think about mileage. Mileage is a big issue if you are middle-aged and if your purpose is to get to and from the office or out of town. Generally 50-135cc bikes are popular for their mileage and long time use. Office-going people use such bikes.

6. Choose the best selling motorcycle:

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. So the main point of this paragraph is to take the best selling bike. Because most users who are satisfied with their bikes can never be stupid. In 2011, Bajaj Pulsar 150cc was the best selling motorcycle in Bangladesh.

6. Location of service center:

Choose a bike that has a service center near your home. A bike is good now, but you can’t say when it will be a problem. Suppose you live in Dinajpur but the service station of your used motorcycle company is Gazipur which is about 300 km away. This is called the real trouble situation.

6. Availability of spare parts

A friend of mine bought a Honda CB650 motorcycle. But after a simple part of the engine is damaged, it turns into a waste to be a nice bike. There is no part of this bike in Bangladesh. So be careful choosing a bike that has a spare parts store and will also give a discount on the purchase.

9. The position of the bike with the body

Suppose you are 6 feet tall and riding a small bike like Honda 50cc. Which looks like an elephant riding on a rat. So choose a bike that fits your height, which will give you a beautiful look while traveling.

10. Take according to your choice:

Always listen to what your “heart” says ……… ha… ha… ha… yes it is true. Don’t buy a bike just thinking about the budget. My advice as well is to wait a while and save money for the bike of your choice. If you buy a bike just thinking about the budget, it will never satisfy you. After a few days you must sell the bike and go to buy the bike of your choice. By the middle you will lose a large sum of money. So buy the bike according to your choice.

These are the guidelines to follow when buying a motorcycle in Bangladesh that will help you get the bike of your dreams. In all of the above, I would emphatically say, “Take whatever you like.” Stay safe and ride the bike in a cool head.

Things to keep in mind before buying a new motorcycle:

Bangladesh is a developing country and most of the people belong to middle class families. So, most people always expect a bike to come to their office or workplace or for other work. If someone already has a bike, he has a tendency to test another new bike. And in terms of Bangladesh, bikes are the best way to travel here and there.

So, bikes have always been a valuable asset and in many cases a matter of status. So, in general, those who buy bikes for regular use in Bangladesh, they use for a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 10 years or more. So, we always have to be careful before buying a motorcycle. You must choose the bike carefully considering all the aspects. What you need, or what you don’t have, or what kind of performance you need, what kind of mileage you need to keep in mind before buying a bike.

So, you can buy a perfect and good bike for you by following certain rules and regulations. Buying a bike is a big fact in the case of middle class families in Bangladesh. So, if one buys a bike and can’t meet the expectations of his mind or the performance of the bike is not like his mind or expectations, then the matter is really bad. Here are some tips to help you buy the perfect bike for you:


Setting your budget:

In the case of a bike core, the first thing you need to do is adjust your budget. Because the budget is a big thing in terms of Bangladesh. Your budget will tell you what type or brand it may be for you. For example, your budget is between 120,000 and 160,000. So you have to find out which bikes are the best in this budget or what kind of bikes are there. As a result, your main and first task in buying a bike is to determine your budget.

Exclude bikes you don’t want:

Once you’ve set the budget, your job is to get rid of the bikes you don’t want. I mean, you must have a lot of bikes within your budget. You may not want your bike to have any specific features. Selectively drop those bikes. Or maybe you didn’t like the color or look of a bike, or you didn’t like the performance. Exclude those bikes from your list. For example, suppose your budget is 250,000 and you want a racing bike and a good quality one. It turned out that with the exception of 3 bikes that are within your budget, no one can accelerate to 60 km / h in 4 seconds. But one of your needs is that your bike can reach 60 speeds in 4 seconds. So, shorten your list and bring 3-4 bikes.

Take a test drive to the showroom:

Run a test drive on the 3-4 bikes on your list. If the bikes are not owned by your friend or relative, go to the showroom. Because, the bike thing is an extreme emotion thing. So, before you buy it, you must fill in the blanks to see which bike goes with you from all sides. Tell the authority in the showroom that you must buy 1 bike from there within 1 week, but for that you want to give a test drive of 3-4 bikes. This way you select the bike that works best for you. Now bring your list to 2.

Get friends’ advice:

Get the opinion of the people next door or relatives about the bike you want to buy. Someone can give you some good advice. It may be seen that the bike was before him or he has the experience of long time riding that bike. So, fix this.

Take a look at mileage:

It is common to see people of all qualities paying close attention to mileage before buying a bike. But it is a wrong decision. Giving good mileage does not always mean that the quality of the bike will be good. It may be seen that the mileage of your bike is such that you have to buy 25 liters of fuel in 1 month. So it turned out, a bike of the same price, for which you need to buy 20 liters of fuel. But the resale price of the bike is low. I mean, maybe, you usually have to sell at half the price you bought.

So, in this case, if you look at the mileage, you think it will be a loss. Even if the mileage is low, try to buy a bike with a good engine that has a higher resale price, which is more common in the case of branded bikes. Maybe that is why a good engine consumes a little more fuel. And if you think that you will ride a bike all your life, then mileage should be taken as the main thing.

Take a look at the most popular brands of bikes on the market:

If the brand of bikes that sells the most in the market is on your last list, pay more attention to that brand. Because, the more the product sells, the higher the profit of the company and they get the opportunity to make good quality bikes. And, bikes that are mostly bought by the public are naturally good. If not, if the feedback of the bikes was bad, then its sales would be much less.

Buy what you like:

Always prioritize your preferences. Because, the bike is one of your favorite things. So, take what you feel comfortable with the bike. Look no further than your price tag or high mileage. Because, it is a matter of mental certification. So, be careful about this. You have no regrets about the bike you bought.

If possible, try to keep the above in mind before buying a motorcycle. And if you have any tips, you can share them.

Various questions related to bike purchase and their solution

Everyone has a different kind of excitement with bikes. Which one should I buy, which model would be better for me, what is the feature of which, what is the mileage, what is the acceleration, what is the stability? There are many more types of questions. Anyway, let’s ignore.

If you consider all these together, you have to buy Suzuki GSX-R, Hayabusa or Honda CBR1000R, brother. Even then, your criteria will not be fulfilled. Because, the type of performance that a Harley Davidson will give you, it will not give.

In short, there is no bike in this world according to your criteria. The constant truth. Brother, there are many types of bikes, there are many different categories. One will not match the other. He will not get it. And you can’t build a bike that sports a sports bike, cruiser, supermoto, commuter or more. You have to take any one or two combo at most. And the bikes that are available in Bangladesh, in fact, none of them except a few.

Before choosing a bike, decide which one you will use the bike for most of your needs. Sort your needs by priority. Then see which one fits you perfectly. If you want to race your bike and ride very comfortably again, that won’t happen. Again you will see mileage on one side and acceleration on the other, it will not happen.

One type of bike is manufactured with one AIM. That is enough perfection of that type of bike. Butt, if you consider perfection on the other side, no bike will be good. That is the reality.


Even if you go a little deeper, you will see that all the bikes are the same, I grabbed the sports bikes, but you are getting better acceleration from one, top speed in the other. This is the fact. You have to understand. Before buying a bike, do a little research on the bike. Because, it’s a very hobby thing. Don’t regret buying once.

A bike manufacturing company releases bikes in the market with good enough engineers and following their marketing policy. So, if it works, they should have more headaches than you. Now if you sit down and ask for good aerodynamics from a Pulsar bike, it will look like the thought of another planet. If you need aerodynamics, fairing, you can choose Jixar, Honda, CBR, Yamaha R15. And if you want medium performance, then the bike of 150 cc segment of any good company is good.

The work of sports bikes is mainly fast acceleration, dynamic control. Again with the cruiser you can go on a long ride in relaxation. There will be no scratching pain type. Comfortable journey. Now if someone says, I want these two together, it is probably possible to implement a lot, but not 100%.

The boss of acceleration is basically a light type supermoto. Butt, its body has to be very light to gain this acceleration. As a result, fairing cannot be expected in the normal way. Butt boss will get acceleration. Overtaking is very easy with SuperMoto. Butt, the wind will give you heavy pain at top speed. Can’t ride long time comfortably.

In fact, before buying a bike in a hurry, we should all know how to give petrol or octane to the bike and how it causes rotation in the tires. I hope you don’t have to ask any more questions if you know this. Take a little trouble. Otherwise, how to get good things?

I gave many examples. I will write again later. There was a desire to write in more details. Butt, I can’t now. I will write in details later.

Showroom’s necessary tests when buying a bike

When your bike is imported from abroad, it is brought with a crate. New bikes can have a lot of minor problems. Here is a checklist. If you take things into account when buying, you will avoid the hassle of coming to the store again and again for servicing.

1. Check if the front and rear tires are fitted properly. See if it is pointing in the direction of the motorcycle.

2. Keep the tire pump or air pressure pump as written on the tire or manual.

3. Tighten the front axle bolts.

4. Press the brake to see if it works properly.

5. Most bikes today are, of course, spokesless. The rim is less likely to be bent, but make sure the rim is straight. If there are spokes, see if they are fitted properly.

. Check that the steering handle rotates properly. Make sure that the nuts and bolts attached to the steering are tight enough.

. Sit on the bike and notice if the fork or shock observer is moving properly.

. If the seat of your bike is adjustable, adjust it according to your height.

9. Adjust the clutch cable and the throttle cable. Check to see if the gear clutch is going to change easily. Otherwise ask to adjust the clutch.

10. Make sure the engine has enough engine oil while the bike is still. Be sure to use the grade of engine oil that is mentioned in the manual.

11. If the chain is too loose or tight, adjust it as needed.

12. Understand the bike’s manual and warranty card.

Of course, after the manual of the bike is good, maintain the bike accordingly.


The correct method of buying and selling motorcycles

Many of us buy or sell motorcycles for use. But many people do not know the correct method of buying and selling motorcycles and what documents are required.

Let’s see what to do when buying or selling a motorcycle>

1) After seeing the motorcycle from the seller, go to BRTA and check the motorcycle paper, such as registration paper, fitness paper, photocopy of blue book.

2) If the paper is OK, check the engine number and chassis number with a mechanic.

3) If all goes well, please ask the seller to bring the following documents at the time of transaction.

If the buyer>

* Seller’s National Identity Card (Original T), which you will photocopy yourself. Don’t ask for a photocopy.

* If the seller has any other ID card, his photocopy. Such as: Job ID card, varsity ID card.

* 2 copy passport size color photo of the seller. Behind which you will take the seller’s signature in front of you.

* Receipt of purchase of motorcycle. That is the receipt from the shop from which the motorcycle seller bought.

If the seller >

* Buyer’s National Identity Card (Original T), which you will photocopy yourself. Don’t ask for a photocopy.

* 2 copies of the buyer’s passport size color photo. Behind which you will take the seller’s signature in front of you.

What the buyer will do >>

* At the stamp of Rs. 300 (do not stamp Rs. 150) and print it on 3 pages.

* Get the seller’s signature twice on each page. On the very last page, the old finger of the seller’s left hand will take the fingerprint with the seller’s signature.

The seller will tell you not to take it and then take it. Remember signatures can be fake but fingerprints cannot be fake. Remember to carry a fingerprint stamp ink pad in your pocket at the time of purchase.

Take the mobile number below the signature. Fill in the blanks on the stamp, especially the details of the seller.

The stamp has all the writing in a proper way. Then pay special attention to these writings >>

It is revealed that there was no lawsuit or mortgage in the bank when the car was in my / our name. It is further mentioned that if there is any problem in the change of ownership, I will be obliged to pay it to the first party at my own risk, subject to payment by the second party.

The 2nd party must transfer the name within the next 30 days, otherwise I will not be liable to the 1st party and from today onwards I will be responsible for all the liability of the car mentioned by the 2nd party.

If there is any disruption in the name transfer, then the 1st party will be obliged to remove it from the presence. ”


** When all the signing is done, check the signature of the seller with the national identity card, registration paper, fitness paper and the signature of the seller of all the places. If all match then make this transaction.

It is better to have two people in the transaction. Suppose you put a trusted friend or brother away from money. After you have done all the paperwork, ask him to call.

You must get an affidavit (notary) from the lawyer about the contract. It will take 120 rupees.

** Make a photocopy of all the paper and leave a set in your home.

I have said many things… many will say there is no need to do so much but remember that all this is just a way to be careful. Don’t be shy.


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