Motorcycle manufacturers in Bangladesh have achieved a 30-40 percent increase in motorcycle or bike sales. There is huge potential in this sector in Bangladesh. But most of the common people of Bangladesh cannot decide which bike is right for them. Because most of the people in Bangladesh do not have enough idea about the bike or motorcycle brand and their products. We are moving forward with the two main goals and objectives of NewBikeBD.

Such as:
1) Creating personal awareness about road safety and driver safety.
2) Review current market prices and create awareness about vehicle details.

Driver and Vehicle Safety on the Road: In the past we have seen that a lot of accidents happen on the road due to minor faults of the vehicle or minor faults of the driver. If the drivers were more aware of this then maybe he could have been free from a major accident. On the other hand, his vehicle also got adequate protection.

Our first and foremost goal is to make drivers aware of road safety, traffic rules, their rights and laws on the road, and personal safety. And if we can make them aware of all these issues, the rate of road accidents will be reduced to a great extent.

Details of the motor vehicle and its current market value: Generally most of those who have bought a motorcycle or bike do not know the current market price of the motorcycle, or do not understand exactly which vehicle is suitable for them.

Moreover, the rate of sale of bikes or motorcycles is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. But as a Bangladeshi, many people are inexperienced in motorcycles. So we are making people aware of the issues mentioned through our and the current market price of motorcycles. So that the buyers of Bangladesh are not deceived in any way.

Here we have presented the details of bike or motorcycle brands and their products through this website which are available in Bangladesh. As well as collecting information and public awareness programs on vehicle safety details, road safety details, vehicle licenses, driving license procedures, etc we are working as a team under an umbrella called


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